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Buying IT 'more stressful than moving house'

Is planning a wedding more stressful than buying IT equipment?

Small and medium business managers find buying new IT equipment more stressful than moving house or getting married, according to a new survey.

A quarter of the 300 managing directors questioned by AT Communications Group said they would prefer going through the angst of planning a wedding than deciding what new technology to invest in.

And as if mortgages and building surveyors weren't stressful enough, over a quarter (28 per cent) would still prefer all the stress surrounding buying a house to bringing in new IT equipment.

The survey concluded that a lot of the stress is the result of the IT industry using too much jargon which confuses smaller business owners.

26 per cent of respondents would find starting a new business less stressful than starting new IT initiatives, despite new commercial ventures being prone to failure in the initial 12 months. Anna Lagerkvist