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'$100 laptop' will be sold to public

The OLPC will be on sale to the US public - providing they buy and donate an extra one, too

The One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project will be selling its XO budget laptop in the developed world. The two-week US-only scheme has a twist though - purchasers will have to buy two for £198.

They'll only get one of the laptops they've paid for; the other will go to the developed world. The project says the move is in response to interest from consumers.

"From day one there's been a lot of interest expressed in finding some way for people in the developed world to participate in the programme," Walter Bender, head of software development at the OLPC project, told BBC News.

Revolutionary power supply

Power supply is the revolutionary aspect of the OLPC machine - it can be powered by a variety of means including solar and foot-pump chargers. It's also waterproof and has no moving parts for ultimate robustness. The laptops' '$100' tag came from the original target price for the machine, but the price point - equivalent to £50 - has never been achieved.

The G1G1 scheme will take place from the 12 November. Read the full story over at the BBC News site.