Looks like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus won't have a quadruple camera after all

Word has been coming through that Samsung's largest and most expensive upcoming flagship phone was set to have four cameras on its back, but now a rumor-monger has thrown their hat into the ring suggesting it won't.

New leaks from Ice Universe claim the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will come with three cameras rather than four on its rear.

Ice Universe's information suggests both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the larger variant will sport three rear cameras, while the cheaper Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is set to feature a dual rear setup.

According to their information, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Lite will both feature a single front camera, while the Galaxy S10 Plus will be the only phone in the range to have a dual sensor selfie shooter.

One down

We've seen a lot of rumors suggesting six cameras in total on the larger phone - including reports from trusted sources like OnLeaks - but Ice Universe claims their information is legitimate and even replied to one follower with a confident, "time will prove who is right" when someone questioned the claim.

Leaks have been quite consistent for a four rear camera variant, so we may have some surprises in store early next year when we officially see the phone from the company. Could Samsung be preparing a fourth model of its Galaxy S10 range with a slightly upgraded rear shooter?

Ice Universe is right when they say only time will tell. We expect to hear about Samsung's next range of phones in the first few months of 2019, with the MWC show at the end of February looking like the most likely time we'll hear about the phones.

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