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iD Mobile deals: what is iD and how good are its SIMO and phone contracts?

iD Mobile
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There are a lot of different networks and retailers out there now, creating a massive range of options when it comes to getting your new phone. But one you might still not have heard of is iD Mobile.

And yet, while it might not be a name that comes to most people's minds, it really should. As Carphone Warehouse's very own network, offering some incredibly affordable plans on both SIM only and mobile phone deals, iD has some tempting offers.

And, if cheap and cheerful is your kind of thing, you're in the right place. Below, we've answered any questions you might have about iD Mobile as well as tracking down all of the best offers currently available on the network.

What is iD Mobile?

As we mentioned above, iD Mobile is owned by the high street company everyone knows - Carphone Warehouse. That relationship means you don't have to worry about iD Mobile being some dodgy company you need to be wary of. 

But on the complete opposite end of the price spectrum to Carphone, iD Mobile is one of the cheapest options around for both your phone and SIM. In fact, iD currently has the UK's cheapest SIM only deal - it's a title it has held for some time, too.

However, while this is great for budget hunters, anyone who powers through data and loves a good Netflix binge, we'll tell you now that iD probably isn't for you. To secure those cheap prices, iD specialises in affordable yet low data plans - both on phones and SIM.

While the affordability is the key selling point here, iD offers a few other benefits. Whether it be its selection of 30-day SIM only plans, the ability to cap your bills, data rollover or inclusive roaming, iD Mobile isn't just about cheap bills.

How much are iD Mobile deals?

This question completely depends on what phone or SIM only deal you go for. As we've said above, iD Mobile really shines on the lower data side of things. With some phone contracts going below £10 a month and some of the cheapest prices for flagship phones, you can score cheap bills if you don't need to use the internet much when you're out and about.

Below we've included a price comparison chart comparing iD Mobile's phone contracts and SIM only plans:

Does iD use another network's signal?

Although it is owned by Carphone Warehouse, iD Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). That's a complicated way to say it uses another network's signal. In this case, Three's signal.

That means you're getting the same speeds, connectivity and coverage as you would on a Three contract.

Does iD Mobile have WiFi calling?

Yes, as a relatively recent update to iD Mobile you can make calls and send texts over Wi-Fi if you have no signal. And, as long as you have a decent Wi-Fi connection you will find that your calls are clear and shouldn't be interrupted. 

Does iD Mobile work abroad?

iD Mobile offers inclusive EU roaming. That means you can roam like at home in 50 destinations throughout the EU, EEA and beyond. That essentially means you have the same texts, minutes and calls as you would at home.

Can I keep my number when I change to iD Mobile?

Yes, like most other networks iD lets you keep your number when you switch over. It has a helpful guide on its site for how to do this.

Can I tether with my iD Mobile contract?

This is a bit of a yes and no answer. iD Mobile does allow tethering abilities but it highly advises against it. Considering iD's low data plans this isn't really a surprise and if you do decide to tether on iD, be cautious how much data you're using.

Does iD Mobile have an app?

It does indeed. Want to keep an eye on your data? iD Mobile's app is perfect for that. You can see how many minutes are left, check your remaining data and add more data if needed along with a host of other features.

Can I get a 5G contract with iD Mobile?

With only a few of the main networks now offering 5G, iD Mobile is not yet one of them. As an MVNO it is unlikely that they will be offering it for quite a while either and have made no announcements to do so.

What if I want a big data contract from iD Mobile?

Unfortunately, that's just not really an option. The highest iD will go is around 20GB with quite a large price rise. Instead, if you want a big data SIM only deal, you're best options will be with the likes of Three or Smarty Mobile's SIM plans.

As for mobile phone deals, you'll see much the same situation. iD doesn't really push the boat out much, consult our best mobile phone deals to find a bigger data option.

Head over to the iD Mobile website to see all of the offers it currently has, both on mobile phones and SIMO.