Own a Roku TV or streaming device? There’s a great free update you won’t want to miss

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Roku has announced its latest free update – and this time, it's a weekly trivia game you can play on your Roku device.

The update, which is available from today (June 25), is for all Roku devices in the US, including some of the best streaming devices such as the Roku Streaming Stick 4K and best TVs. Every week, a pool of questions will be released and each game users play will feature 10 questions from this pool. If users play other games within the week, they will get another set of 10 questions, encouraging multiple games per week. These questions will be based on movies, TV premiers, the Olympic Games and other significant cultural moments. 

The Roku Weekly Trivia quiz will appear on the home menu of devices (as shown below) or via the search option. The pool of questions will refresh every Tuesday, with a new quiz each week for Roku users to test their pop culture knowledge.  

Another free Roku update?

Roku weekly trivia update

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Compared to rivals, Roku releases frequent software updates to its smart TV platform and devices, with some highlights from the past year including its Backdrops update (akin to Samsung's art on its Frame TVs), its What To Watch feature (tailoring show recommendations based on viewing history), and even something as simple as tidying up its menu by going bigger and bolder. Users are regularly treated to these new free updates, which is why it continues to be such a popular smart TV platform.

Unfortunately, it's not all been perfect for Roku in recent months though. There's been a recent update locking motion settings on for some users, then the announcement of more ads set to appear on Roku devices and there was even a time when users had to agree to a controversial new set of T&C's or their device would stop working altogether

Despite it being a mixed bag for Roku over recent months, it's hard to argue against just how regular it does update its devices, even with something as simple and fun as this trivia game, which in itself should be commended. 

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