The Mole season 2 is coming to Netflix soon – and one of the best true crime internet sleuths looks set to join

The Mole season 2 host Ari Shapiro standing in a cornfield with the contestants Muna Abdulahi, Deanna Thompson, Hannah Burns, Michael O’Brien, Andy Minzter, Jennifer Dasilva-Hassiman, Tony Castellanos, Ryan Warner, Quaylyn “Q” Carter, Neesh Riaz and Melissa Lummus.
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Netflix has announced that The Mole season two will be released on June 28 in an exciting new teaser trailer (see below) that stars Deanna Thompson, the famous online investigator from one of the best true crime shows on Netflix, Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer.

The popular competition series is back for round two as 12 new players work together on a number of tasks to add money to a prize pot that only one of them will win. However, hidden within the group is the Mole, who must sabotage the players by keeping the winnings as low as possible without getting caught. At the final stage, one player will be the last person standing and expose the Mole to win the jackpot. 

The Mole is a reimagined version of the original reality series which aired in the early noughties. In 2022, Netflix brought it back to our screens after 14 years and it was met with praise by fans.

In this new season, one of the potential wolves in sheep’s clothing is Thompson who fans may know as the online sleuth from one of the most talked about Netflix true crime shows Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer. She already has experience with blending in, given that she used the alias Baudi Moovan to help track down killer Luka Magnotta. But could she switch to the dark side of deception in this nail-biting game?

The Mole season two – what we know so far 

In the trailer, twelve strangers from all walks of life will do anything they can to get their hands on the prize money. It shows the contestants standing in the middle of a corn field being introduced to the host Ari Shapiro who cheekily greets them with “hello Mole…whoever you are”.

While the contestants seemingly get off to a good start and win lots of money for the prize pot, their efforts are soon shattered when the cunning Mole strikes. Secrets, lies and deceit are rife in this reality game show as the contestants struggle to know who to trust, until Shapiro issues an ultimatum – what’s more important, money or information to find the Mole?

Get ready for more tears and tantrums as the contestants find themselves victims to the Mole’s treachery. But who is the Mole? Tune into Netflix on June 28 to start investigating. 

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