Loved Taylor Swift's Eras Tour on Disney Plus? Stream these 3 concert movies next

Taylor Swift performing on stage
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Taylor Swift's Eras Tour started streaming on Disney Plus on Thursday, March 14, and as expected, Swifties who didn't grab tickets or make it to an IMAX – and Swifties who did but want even more of their idol – have been quick to watch the blockbuster concert movie. 

But what if you've already streamed all of it on Disney Plus? The good news is that there are plenty more great live shows available to stream on the best streaming service, from unusually intimate performances to Swift-scale stadium spectaculars. Here are three amazing live performances you can stream while you wait for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.

Don't have Disney Plus? Here's how to get it for just £1.99 per month or you can also sign up to a Disney Plus free trial.  

Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles

Featuring all 16 tracks from Billie Eilish's brilliant Happier Than Ever album, this concert show was filmed at the Hollywood Bowl and mixes live performance and animation to superb effect. It gets you closer to Billie Eilish than you'll ever manage at an arena or stadium or 'enormodome', and the orchestral backing on songs such as Everybody Dies will give your goosebumps' goosebumps.

If you're an Eilish fan but don't have Disney Plus, The World's A Little Blurry features some spectacular live performances too, which you can stream on Apple TV Plus.

BTS: Permission To Dance on Stage

Another LA concert, this time featuring the globe-straddling pop phenomenon BTS and a very, very delighted crowd. And no wonder: the band's touring plans hit a Covid-shaped roadblock that resulted in the cancellation of their Map of the Soul Tour, which meant that for a few years most fans would only be able to see the band live in pay-per-view online. The Permission To Dance On Stage dates were their first live in person shows since 2019, and we think you'll agree the show was well worth the wait: this is a joyful pop experience filmed in the same SoFi stadium as the Eras Tour movie. We're not going to even think about comparing them because we know how serious stans of both Swift and BTS can be.

Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions

Are we cheating by including this as a concert movie? Maybe, but if you're excited about the Eras Tour and you haven't already streamed this then you're missing out on a superb Swift session. Folklore is one of Taylor Swift's best albums, and this documentary features the whole album performed in an even more intimate and stripped-down format. If you can get through the very beautiful versions of Seven or Invisible String without crying you're doing better than your writer.

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