Speedlink Kudos review

This gaming mouse brings 5000 dpi control to the table

Speedlink Kudos
The Speedlink Kudos is a quality gaming mouse with a seriously high dpi

TechRadar Verdict

This gaming mouse may not be the most exciting, but the high dpi and simple features will entice those not looking for an all-singing and all dancing model full of gimmicks


  • +

    High DPI

  • +

    Good quality build

  • +

    Good software


  • -


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The world of the gaming mouse is a complex thing, filled with intense competition and the incredibly subjecting notion of what people find both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Add into that extra anguish of those awkward left-handed folk and the sheer costs involved and from birth the gaming mouse has a thoroughly difficult time of it.

Speedlink's Kudos mouse is going to have a harder time than most, mainly down to the fact that it's not a particularly well-known name in the gaming community and it lacks any sort of marketable gimmick with which to wow the press with.

But the Kudos is an incredibly solid, slick and functional device despite the lack of shouting about it. Each button has a reassuringly solid click to it and the extra weights that come in the packaging make it a nicely weighty mouse.

Not for the leftties

The design too is ergonomic enough to fit comfortably in the hand, well, the right hand that is. This is another mouse that's set to make the sinister lefties throw up their hands in disgust at being left out once more.

For the rest of us it's a snug fit with enough customisation on offer through Speedlink's simple configuration utility to have you setting your extra buttons, macros and DPI levels to your personally preferred levels.

It's a simple mouse then, but with enough depth to warrant the term 'gaming mouse'. And with a DPI setting going all the way up to (eleven?) FIVE THOUSAND you ought to have enough breadth to hit your ideal speed.

But, as ever, there are superior, older mice available for less than the price of the Kudos, which is in the end what's going to keep this mouse down.