Dell Inspiron One 2320 review

This all-in-one touchscreen PC provides real power

Dell Inspiron One 2320
The black wireless keyboard and mouse are weak points in this touchscreen all-in-one PC

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Dell inspiron one 2320

We tested the more powerful Core i5-2400S model, and frankly Dell couldn't have put a better choice for a processor in the Dell Inspiron One 2320. The Sandy Bridge Core i5-2400S processor provides quad-core processing at 2.5GHz and single-thread speeds up to 3.3GHz.

The S model draws less power at 65W, but is technically slower than cheaper versions. The payoff is a quieter life, and processing power still abounds - we're talking about a 600MHz deficit at worst over other Core i5 models.

If you're eyeing up the cheaper version of the Dell Inspiron One 2320, then don't let the Pentium G620 processor put you off - this is actually still a Sandy Bridge Socket 1155 processor. More specifically it's a dual-core 2.6GHz unit with 3MB L3 cache, effectively a slightly cheaper/slower Core i3 without the HyperThreading, which still has the integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000.

The higher price of this model also gains you a solid 6GB of 1333MHz DDR3 memory in the dual-memory configuration of a 2GB and a 4GB DIMM. This is alongside the 1,000GB hard drive that seems to be the standard mid-range storage option these days.

Dell does raise the game with a combined Blu-ray reader/DVD rewriter drive, but don't get any ideas about 3D, because the display isn't 120Hz capable. The lack of 3D is something of a shame, since it does come equipped with an Nvidia 3D-capable dedicated graphics card in the form of the GeForce GT 525M, with 1GB of memory.

That slight disappointment aside, the display in general terms is good - the 23-inch size makes it more able to function as a standalone TV in a reasonably large room. It's also Full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution, which makes for a superb desktop resolution at this size, and gets the best out of HD films.

A digital TV tuner is in there too, so you're able to take full advantage of Media Center's recording features.

Interestingly, Dell has included a number of useful video inputs that would be more at home on a standard HD TV, including HDMI, component and VGA D-Sub. These features enable it to double as a standard HD TV with standard AV equipment attached to it.

Peripheral-wise, two JBL speakers are built into the display, and it comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse. An IR blaster is also provided, and let's not forget the useful integrated 720p webcam that can provide facial recognition-based login.