Dell Inspiron One 2320 review

This all-in-one touchscreen PC provides real power

Dell Inspiron One 2320
The black wireless keyboard and mouse are weak points in this touchscreen all-in-one PC

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Dell inspiron one 2320

For an all-in-one computer, we feel the Dell Inspiron One 2320 hits all the right notes. Ignoring the mediocre peripherals, it provides a well-styled, well-built PC that wouldn't look amiss in any corner of your home.

We've been waiting for PCs to hit that crossover point from interesting lump of technology to digital entertainment hub. The Dell Inspiron One 2320 very much manages to offer just that.

Drop this 23-inch black-framed slab into any wireless home and it'll happily entertain you with music, TV, movies and HD photos and content. It's not just the abilities of the system and the combination of traditional wireless peripherals, but also the remote control and touchscreen that effortlessly enable you to interact with the hardware on almost any level. Turn on Windows voice recognition for yet another.

Interestingly, the computer/multimedia unit can be wall-mounted, which certainly adds to its flexibility, since we can see the temptation to mount these in the kitchen or around the home.

We liked

An all-in-one computer really sells itself from the screen in which it's encased, and Dell hasn't let itself down with the Dell Inspiron One 2320 - we were more than happy to scoff down popcorn while watching an HD film on its bright 1080p screen. Helping the visuals along, the built-in speakers certainly does a fine job, with no distortion and a donk of the old bass.

Many might bemoan the Nvidia graphics, but for the target audience the 3D performance is more than adequate, and with services such as OnLive, access to high-end gaming is there for all.

It's hard for any manufacturer using the Sandy Bridge platform not to get the basics right, so wireless N and Gigabit LAN connectivity is a given, while the Core i5 processor provides a level of processing power that's beyond anything most people will need to use. It rounds off an impressive package.

We disliked

Hopefully you've already picked up on how much we dislike the plastic keyboard and mouse - we'd say they're like a smack in the face for spending £800 with Dell, but that'd probably break them.

We'd have preferred more audio and video output options, especially for surround sound, since you're limited to external amplifiers with optical inputs, but that's understandable in a limiting-cables way.

We could also question the lack of a 3D-capable 120Hz display, because everything else is in place such as the Blu-ray drive and Nvidia graphics.

Final verdict

Any complaints we have about the Dell Inspiron One 2320 tend to be easily dismissed as requirements of desktop gamers. For everyone else, Dell is providing a well-packaged all-in-one touchscreen computer that lives up to that name.