PNY 4GB Attache Capless Concept

Flash storage continues its unstoppable rise

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Our Verdict

Flash storage continues to have unique benefits, not least of which is value for money, but this PNY is too slow for its size


  • Cost-effective


  • Limited in speed

Flash storage really is one of those technologies that has crept up on everyone. It's now everywhere and is seemingly unstoppable.

These latest 4GB and 8GB capacity thumb drives are appearing at ludicrously low prices and have helped replace the now nearly forgotten floppy disk with a far faster, more convenient and massively higher capacity solution.

This latest Capless range from PNY features a swivel design that tucks the USB connection away when not in use. Despite its large 4GB capacity, it's not fast enough to be ReadyBoost compatible, which is something of a shame, but PNY does offer a specific high-speed ReadyBoost flash drive product.

With read speeds of 12MB/s and write of 5MB/s, it would take the best part of 15 minutes to fill. Despite the lack of ReadyBoost capabilities it's still a highly convenient and relatively cheap portable storage solution that'll fit into the smallest of pockets