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Autosafe CubeByte review

Excellent laptop cable in every way except one

The generously-proportioned CubeByte isn't so suited to the slimmer laptops out there

Our Verdict

A fine lock for a thick laptop but just a bit too fat for the MacBook line.


  • Good build quality
  • Reliable
  • Good value


  • Too bulky

CubeByte's laptop lock is a very good quality lock and cable, however it is slightly too wide for our test laptops.

Although it will lock its head into the Kensington lock slot of either a MacBook or MacBook Pro, or older Mac laptops with a lock slot, and although the cable is easily strong enough to harness the laptop to a table leg securely, the lock casing is just a few millimetres too big to sit flush with the table (unless you raise your laptop off the surface of the table with the help of a laptop stand).

Bulky laptop lock

If this were the only laptop lock on the market then we would consider buying it, but it's not, of course. The head sticks out just enough to tilt the laptop, which you hardly notice at first, but over a morning of typing the tilt on the keyboard starts to grate the nerves.

This is a decent enough product in itself, but we wouldn't recommend pairing it with anything from the MacBook line of laptops.