Google Pixel 3a review

Does the Pixel 3a score an A?

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The Google Pixel 3a may be a lot more affordable than the standard Pixel 3, but that doesn’t mean it makes many compromises – it has as many upgrades, or retained features, as it does downgrades.

Admittedly, the handset does feel a lot less like a premium phone, in terms of both its design and the materials used, and the slower user interface. But at such a low price point you can’t expect a cutting-edge device – and in fact, looking at the number of features that have been carried over from the Pixel 3, we’re surprised more compromises haven’t been made.

Rather than viewing the Pixel 3a primarily as a cut-price Google Pixel phone, by which standard you’d likely focus on the features that are missing, we’d argue that it’s more appropriate to compare it to other mid-range phones at around the same price point – and by that metric the Pixel 3a blows its competitors out of the water.

One knock-on effect of the phone could be that people are more reluctant to buy the upcoming Google Pixel 4, as if they know there's a 4a coming a few months later with a lower price and similar features they may be reluctant to splash out on the high-end phone – but we'll have to wait until that releases to find out for sure.

Image credit: TechRadar

Image credit: TechRadar

First reviewed: May 2019

After alternatives? Consider these three:

Honor View 20

Image credit: TechRadar

Image credit: TechRadar

The Honor View 20 has a competent chipset in the Kirin 980, and has a bigger screen and longer battery life than the Google Pixel 3a – if you want it though, you’re going to be paying a small amount extra, and you won’t be getting the Google Pixel 3a’s impressive camera performance.

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OnePlus 6T

Image credit: TechRadar

Image credit: TechRadar

The OnePlus 6T costs a little more than the Pixel 3a, but you’re getting a camera array that’s arguably good enough to rival that on Google’s affordable smartphone. You’re also getting specs that are equal to the Pixel 3a’s, while it’s a bit bigger, which could either be a pro or a con depending on how big you like your phones.

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Google Pixel 3

Image credit: TechRadar

Image credit: TechRadar

If money’s no object, you could consider buying the Google Pixel 3 instead of the Pixel 3a – it’s a step up in many ways, with the Pixel Visual Core chip and superior main processor giving the camera a performance boost, and the latter helping to deliver improved gaming performance, and a glass back lending the device a ‘premium’ feel.

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