The end of FineWoven? Apple reportedly stops production of the eco-friendly accessories

iPhone 15 Pro FineWoven case
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It’s safe to say that Apple’s FineWoven accessories have been a disaster from the moment they launched, with people criticizing them for their perceived lack of durability and the ease with which they can get damaged. Now, it seems that Apple has decided to cut its losses, and could phase out the entire range.

That’s if a leaker who goes by the name Kosutami is to be believed, at least. Writing on X (formerly Twitter), Kosutami claimed that “FineWoven has gone,” adding that “All the production line was stopped and removed” [sic]. That presumably covers all FineWoven accessories, including iPhone cases and Apple Watch straps.

According to Kosutami, Apple made the move specifically due to the material’s poor durability. It will switch to a different substance, Kosutami says, but we won't see a return to the leather products that Apple discontinued at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2023.

What that material will be remains a mystery, but there’s a chance we’ll see it at this year’s WWDC event on June 10. Kosutami’s prediction that Apple won’t return to leather makes a lot of sense, though, since Apple made a point of highlighting leather’s heavy environmental impact last year. Bringing out new leather accessories, then, would not be a good look.

Farewell FineWoven

iPhone 15 Pro review FineWoven back angled BLTR

A FineWoven iPhone 15 Pro case showing signs of wear (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

For a company with a reputation for delivering hit products forged with impeccable build quality, the FineWoven case has been a rare and notable miss. It’s received almost universal criticism since it launched in September 2023.

For instance, journalist Joanna Stern declared that her FineWoven iPhone case was “browning like a rotten banana” and likened it to a “biomedical concern,” while TechRadar’s own Axel Metz felt that his case was easily scratched and felt “clammy” in the hand. It “isn’t a total disaster,” Metz added, “Just a very big one.” Small comfort for Apple, then.

Kosutami has previously shared accurate information regarding upcoming Apple products and decisions (including several previous leaks concerning FineWoven accessories), so this latest report shouldn’t be immediately dismissed. Given the reception that Apple’s FineWoven products have received over their short lifetimes, we wouldn’t be surprised if Kosutami’s claims prove to be correct.

TechRadar has approached Apple for comment, and we'll update this article if we get a response.

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