The Samsung Galaxy S24’s release date might have just leaked

Samsung Galaxy S23 screen held at an angle
The Samsung Galaxy S23 (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

It’s been looking for a while like the Samsung Galaxy S24 line might land in January, with multiple sources saying as much. But while previously the most specific we’d heard was "mid-to-late January", we’ve now heard an exact date.

According to South Korean site SBS Biz (via SamMobile), the Samsung Galaxy S24 and its siblings – the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – will be announced on January 17.

The site claims that Samsung has finalized its plans for the launch event, which will apparently take place in San Francisco. It’s a believable date too, given that it’s in line with what earlier leaks have suggested.

That said, this would make the launch slightly earlier in the year than the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, which was announced in February. So we’d take it with a pinch of salt.

The early unveiling could make sense though, with SBS Biz noting that Samsung is likely planning this earlier launch to help challenge the iPhone 15, as well as to make up for the currently sluggish performance of Samsung’s semiconductor business.

Samsung's 'AI phone'

This report adds that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will be an 'AI phone', as it will apparently make use of generative AI. This isn’t the first time that it’s been claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S24 line will heavily feature AI, so it’s a believable claim, especially as we’re expecting to see lots of phones tout their AI capabilities in the coming year, given the increasing prominence of AI.

It’s not clear exactly what the AI in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series will do. But earlier leaks mentioned that it might be capable of similar things to ChatGPT, as well as being able to create images from text prompts, much like Dall-E.

If this leak is right though then we should find out exactly what the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is capable of before long.

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