Samsung’s new best cheap phone contender has leaked with a Galaxy S23-inspired design

Samsung Galaxy S23 hands on back lilac sushi counter
The Samsung Galaxy S23 (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

The Samsung Galaxy A24 only released a couple of months ago, but it looks like the company is already preparing to launch a successor, as the Samsung Galaxy A25 5G has now leaked.

Shared by reliable leaker @OnLeaks on behalf of Giznext, we now have high-quality renders supposedly showing the phone and, well, it looks a lot like the Galaxy A24, as you might expect.

That includes a water-drop notch in the screen, and a triple-lens camera on the back, with individually-housed lenses, similar to what you’ll see on the Samsung Galaxy S23. Of course, the cameras here won’t be anywhere near as good as the S23’s cameras, but visually, from the rear at least, you could almost be looking at a Galaxy S23.

From the front though, that notch coupled with a large bezel below the screen mark the Samsung Galaxy A25 5G out as a much lower-end handset.

This leak mentions dimensions of 162 x 77.5 x 8.3mm, which would make the Galaxy A25 5G slightly bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus, meaning it’s anything but a small phone.

That’s in part due to it apparently having a sizeable 6.44-inch screen, though that actually is slightly smaller than the 6.6-inch display on the Galaxy S23 Plus, so you can blame the bezels for the increased overall footprint here.

5G, three cameras, and a likely low price

There aren’t many other specs included, but given the supposed name, this is clearly a 5G handset, which makes for a significant upgrade on the 4G-only Samsung Galaxy A24.

It’s also said to have a fingerprint sensor built into one of the sides, and we can see from the renders that it has a USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone port – the latter of which is increasingly rare on phones.

There’s nothing overly exciting here, but then the Samsung Galaxy A25 5G will probably be extremely affordable. There’s no word on the price yet, but it’s very likely to cost under $200 / £200 / AU$300, which could make it one of the best cheap phones around.

That will depend on a lot of other factors, including the remaining specs and how it performs in practice, but with a Samsung Galaxy S23-inspired design, 5G and three rear cameras, there’s certainly potential here. Given that high-quality renders have already emerged, it might not be too long until the phone launches either.

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