‘I didn't know this existed’: Samsung Galaxy S24 owners have spotted the phone's hidden microphone

Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup
All three of Samsung's new phones feature the repositioned microphone (Image credit: Future / Samsung)

Today’s best phones feature more external ports, notches and sensors than you can shake a stick at, so there’s no shame in stumbling on an orifice (sorry) in your device that you didn’t know existed.

The best Samsung phones are covered in hard-to-spot openings, and one of the most well-hidden is a camera-specific microphone that’s been a feature of every Samsung Galaxy phone since the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

As explained in a recent post by X user @sondesix, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features a small, defect-like notch tucked away on the right-hand side of its ultra-wide sensor. As above, this is actually an extra microphone, whose main function is to pick up and focus sound when the camera is recording a zoom video.

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Both the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus feature the same hidden microphone in the same location. On previous Galaxy devices, this microphone has been located at the bottom of (i.e. underneath) the ultra-wide sensor, which perhaps explains why many Galaxy users weren’t aware of its existence until now.

“Wow, I didn't know this microphone existed until I read this post,” one X user wrote. “It's very hard to notice unless you really look for it.”

“Thanks for pointing that out,” another said. “I almost went to Samsung Center to check if that's a defect or not.”

Interestingly, Samsung itself doesn’t disclose the existence of this microphone in any official Galaxy documents. In a recent Samsung Community post, one Galaxy S24 Ultra owner asked: “Has anyone else noticed the small cutout notch on the rear camera ring on the S24 Ultra? I've searched online and some have said it's a microphone for the zoom mic. But according to Samsung, the S24 Ultra only has two mics; one at bottom, and one at the top.”

In truth, this ‘microphone’ behaves more like a sensor than a traditional microphone, so perhaps its functionality isn’t significant enough to warrant inclusion on Samsung’s official Galaxy spec sheets.

Indeed, in response to @sondesix’s post, some X users asked whether using a case with their Galaxy S24 phone (i.e. one that sits flush around the lenses) affects the functionality of this tiny microphone, but the answer appears to be ‘no’. “It does not affect the audio quality in any way. I checked and double checked,” AKSCHD wrote.

iPhone 15 Pro rear camera array

The iPhone 15 Pro features a similar camera-specific microphone (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Incidentally, these tiny, camera-specific microphones are not exclusive to Samsung devices. On the best iPhones, these zoom microphones appear as small, cylindrical dots in the glass housing that surrounds the rear cameras. It’s just that, on Samsung devices, they’re much, much harder to spot. 

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