IKEA’s super-cheap fast chargers look a bargain for your iPhone 15 or Android phone

An IKEA fast charger on a table next to colored stickers
(Image credit: IKEA)

If you need a new USB-C charger for your Android phone or iPhone 15, IKEA has just released two impressively affordable options that undercut similar offerings from the likes of Anker and Google.

The IKEA Sjöss 1-port 30W USB charger and Sjöss 45W 2-port charger are now on sale in the US and Europe, as spotted by Notebook Check. Considering their fast-charging specs, which include support for the PD 3.0 fast-charging standard, they're impressively cheap, too.

The Sjöss 1-port 30W USB charger costs $7.99, while the Sjöss 45W 2-port charger –which can simultaneously deliver 22W through its two USB-C ports – costs $14.99. IKEA told us that it plans to sell both chargers in the UK from July, with the Sjöss 1-port 30W charger costing £5 and the Sjöss 45W 2-port version costing only £10.  

A nice little IKEA touch is that the chargers come with three color stickers (green, orange and blue) so you can color code them to quickly pick the right charger at home. But it's their specs and charging power that make these chargers a tempting buy, for the price.

The IKEA Sjoss charger in a plug on a table

(Image credit: IKEA)

Both the 30W and 45W versions have enough power to fast charge the latest phones, tablets and some laptops, too. A MacBook Air 13-inch (M3), for example, comes with a 30W charger, though the Dell XPS 13 ships with a 45W charger, so it's worth checking the specs of your particular laptop.

With most of the best phones and best iPads charging at a maximum of 25W or 30W speeds, IKEA's new offerings look (on paper) like solid new offerings for most smartphones and tablets, with the exception of the more demanding Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

A fair charge

An IKEA fast charger on a grey background

(Image credit: IKEA)

While we haven't yet tested IKEA's new USB-C chargers to see how they compare to our pick of the best iPhone chargers, they are impressively price compared to rival offerings from some of the bigger players.

The single-port Anker 511 (30W), for example, currently costs $14.99, while Apple's single-port charger (which only has slower 20W speeds) is even pricier at $19. Google's own single-port 30W USB-C charger, meanwhile, costs $25, although you can pick it up for less on the likes of Amazon.

Naturally, you should check the specs of your phone, tablet or laptop to make sure the chargers do support their minimum input. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S24  support page says that for super-fast charging you need a cable that has 5 Amp output, while the 45W IKEA charger only supports 3 Amp output. 

But with support for most of the latest charging standards, like Quick Charge (QC4+) and Programmable Power Supply (PPS), IKEA's should be capable partners for most of the latest phones and tablets.

Update 21/3/24: We've updated this story with the UK pricing and availability for the Sjöss chargers, which you can find above.

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