IKEA's smart sensors are now available to buy – and they're impressively affordable

IKEA Parasoll home smart sensor
(Image credit: IKEA)

When it comes to the best smart home tech, IKEA has built a reputation for producing devices that are both easy-to-use and affordable, and two new smart sensors that can monitor your home and alert you to various issues are now available to buy. 

At the end of 2023, IKEA announced that it would be launching three new smart sensors that enable you to monitor your home wherever you are via the IKEA Home smart app.

The Parasoll door and window sensor and the Vallhorn motion sensor are now available to buy, with wallet-friendly price tags of £9 and £7 respectively. 

IKEA says the third sensor, the Badring water leakage sensor, will be available to buy from April 2024, and while its price hasn’t yet been confirmed we’d expect it to be in a similar range to the Parasoll and Vallhorn. All three sensors are powered by AAA batteries, and you can read more about them below. 

The Swedish retailer has been dabbling in smart home tech since 2015 with tables and lamps that can wirelessly charge smartphones, and is also expected to upgrade its smart blinds range this year. 

IKEA has also been expanding its range of smart speaker and audio tech, most notably in the shape of speaker lamps produced in collaboration with Sonos. For more ideas on those lines, check out our guide to the best smart home tech of CES 2024 – but for now, here's our guide to those new smart sensors.    

Parasoll (£9)

IKEA Parasoll smart sensor

(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA’s window and door sensor adopts a simple design that’s ideal for discreet mounting in different areas of your home. The sensors work in pairs, and can be mounted to windows and doors using the supplied screws or double-sided tape. 

When the door and window is opened or closed, the sensor sends an alert to the IKEA Home smart app, making you aware of unexpected entries. The Parasoll can also be paired with smart bulbs to turn light on when you open a door and turn it off as you close it. 

Buy the Ikea Parasoll door/window sensor from Ikea for £9 

Vallhorn (£7)

IKEA Vallhorn smart home sensor

(Image credit: IKEA)

The Vallhorn  motion sensor can be used indoors or outdoors, and activates up to 10 connected smart lighting devices when movement is detected. 

Like the Parasoll, the Vallhorn is also designed for discreet mounting, and offers adjustable light intensity and color settings. It has day and night modes, and you can set the connected lights to be turned off automatically after between one and five minutes. 

Buy the Ikea Vallhorn motion sensor from Ikea for £7

Badring (£TBC)

IKEA Badring

(Image credit: IKEA)

The Badring water sensor is expected to be available from April, with pricing due to be announced closer to its release date. 

This sensor is designed to reduce the impact of water damage incidents, so it's a shame it isn't available right now in the UK. It’s designed to be mounted in the vicinity of your washing machine, dishwasher or boiler, and will alert you to leaks via the Home smart app and/or its built-in siren. 

The new smart sensors are also compatible with IKEA’s Dirigera hub, so once connected, they can control other devices, as well as sending notifications to the IKEA Home smart app.  

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