Heavy data user? Circles.Life’s bonkers new SIM plan gets you an epic 650GB per month

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If you’re a postpaid SIM-only mobile user who’s constantly running out of data and, therefore, looking for a heftier plan, then this new Circles.Life deal offers up what is arguably The Plan to Beat All Plans. Right now and until January 29, 2024 you can get yourself a (frankly) obscene 650GB of data to use each month for just AU$55p/m

This plan normally comes with 160GB per month, but clearly Circles.Life has plenty of spare data lying around, and is insanely generously giving each user a bonus 490GB. Once the first 12 months of the service is up, you’ll revert back to 160GB for use each month. (And after your year-long stint living the big-gig lifestyle, that may give you major FOMO – but there’s nothing stopping you from swapping to another plan or provider at that point.) 

To prove just how much 650GB of data is (and how it really is overkill), Circles.Life has an estimation calculator on its site that gives you a rough guide as to how much data you’d need to browse the web, check social media, stream music and video and play games. I tried it myself, and according to the calculator, I only need around 40GB each month to live comfortably. 

You could theoretically use the data to turn your phone into a hotspot, although Circles.Life (and the majority of other mobile carriers) stipulate that it shouldn’t be used to replace your main home internet connection. Using your SIM’s data plan as a hotspot for a laptop or another phone is technically fair game though.

Circles.Life | Postpaid SIM | 650GB Data / Unltd Mins & Texts | AU$55p/m

Circles.Life | Postpaid SIM | 650GB Data / Unltd Mins & Texts | AU$55p/m (for 12 months, then 160GB data)

Never stress about running out of data again with Circles.Life’s mega 650GB data SIM-only deal. You’ll get a staggering 650GB of data to use each month (no data banking unfortunately) along with unlimited minutes and texts, for 12 months! As an added bonus, you’ll also get 3,000 international call minutes, to call numbers in 25 locations. This deal lasts for a full 12 months, after which the data allowance will revert to the regular 160GB. 

As a further sweetener, Circles.Life is throwing in 3,000 international minutes each month, which can be used to call numbers in 25 countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and other select countries in Europe and Asia.

If 650GB of monthly data is too much for you (and let’s be honest, it is for most people), then you may be more interested in Circles.Life’s AU$39 plan, which nets you 300GB of data to use each month for the first 12 months – that’s up from the regular 100GB, which it’ll revert back to after the first year. This plan also includes the aforementioned 3,000 bonus international standard call minutes. 

Circles.Life is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and uses the Optus 4G Plus network. That means the 650GB of included data will only allow up to 4G Plus speeds, and you may want to double check you get good coverage in your area. You can view coverage in your area on Optus’ website.

This is a seriously attractive deal in our opinion, and despite it not offering 5G, from our experience finding the best SIM-only plans, we often see mobile carriers capping download speeds of 5G plans at 100Mbps anyway, negating most of the point of having 5G.

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