You can now repair your Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro at home

A Google Pixel 7 Pro from the back, in Hazel
An official image of the Google Pixel 7 Pro (Image credit: Google)

Smartphones have become more advanced and therefore much more complicated to repair, this is due to tighter seals created by manufacturers and the use of smaller and more intricate parts.

Given how expensive they’ve become it would be much better if we could repair our smartphones rather than shell out for another phone every time we drop, crack, or drown our phones or pay for costly repair services. 

Thankfully, Google's latest flagships the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro, easily be considered one of the best Android phones of last year, are now among the expansive list of devices that can now be repaired by their DIY-savvy users.

Google has continued to partner with repair expert iFixit to provide genuine parts such as screens, battery, both front and rear cameras, and more, for people to use when carrying out their own repairs.

The Google Pixel lineup is well represented with iFixit supporting components going back to the Pixel 2, and up to the most recent models like the Pixel 7 and 8 Series as well as the Google Pixel Fold.

iFixit also provides helpful guides, components, and tool kits that make repairs a lot easier and much less expensive than going to a dedicated repair shop.

You can even order a kit and it’ll not only come with the relevant replacement parts but a tool kit with the right tools to help you install the replacement part.

There are 10 parts available in total for the Google Pixel 8 Pro and 11 parts for the Pixel 8

DIY Pixel repairs: how much will it cost? 

Google Pixel 8 press image video grab camera double angled

(Image credit: Google)

Prices vary depending on what components you’ll need but to give some idea, a Pixel 8 Screen is $159 / £164 / AU$279 and the Pixel 8 Pro display will cost $229 /£229 / AU$385.

This is considerably cheaper than the around £500 I was recently quoted for my broken Pixel 7 Pro Screen.

Batteries cost / £39 / for the Pixel 8 Pro and surprisingly $42/ £42 / AU$72 for the Pixel 8 battery.

A Pixel 8 Pro front camera unit only costs $42 / £39 / AU$72 and the rear camera module, in contrast, costs $199 / £192 / AU$335 for the main camera and assembly.

Please remember these are genuine parts made to fit and function perfectly with your device and if installed correctly should behave exactly as new.

None of the prices I’ve given here include the tools needed, though these can also be brought from iFixit. But the comprehensive guides on the website will let you know exactly which parts you need and are completely free to look up.

Repair but beware 

However, repairing devices like this isn’t easy and will require space, skill, and concentration, as well as careful hands, to avoid breaking the delicate components.

Once repaired you’ll likely feel a well-deserved surge of pride and satisfaction knowing you repaired your device yourself and saved yourself from likely spending a lot of money for another phone or professional repairs.

It’s not only the availability of parts that make the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro an attractive proposition. Google also promised seven years of software updates to support the Pixel 8 Series, which means potentially a Pixel user's hardware and software needs will be taken care of from now into the future.

If you're still on the fence about getting a Google Pixel 8 or aren't sure which Pixel is for you why not check out our list of best Pixel phones.

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