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SCA LapRest review

Protect the family jewels

The material is light and recyclable

Our Verdict

A well-designed product, but for what it is, it should really be cheaper


  • Well-designed
  • Range of colours


  • A bit over-priced

Okay, it looks a bit garish. But we think that for some people, the LapRest is actually an appropriate and surprisingly well-designed product.

The idea is to give your laptop a platform on top of your legs, to protect you from the heat it can belch out and from the rather less frequent mishap of a battery blowout. It suits a wide range of laptop sizes; the studs at either side slide up or down to secure your laptop horizontally, while a lip at the front stops it slithering into your lap.

These adjustable lugs can cover some ports on a Mac, but can be removed completely. The material is light and recyclable. The grey model is £10, the black is £12, and blue, pink and orange are £15. If you’re a man worried about reports of hot laptops damaging fertility, that might be a small price to pay.