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Scent of a laptop

Asus F6V
Pretty in pink, but it hums a bit...

How would you like your laptop to smell? Might Floral, Cologne, Ocean or Grass draw you amorously towards your keyboard? Might turning your computer on have a whole new connotation? Is this the ultimate computer geek's substitute for flesh and blood?

Asus thinks so. Or it's possibly just having a laugh.

The Nature part

While the guts of this laptop are nothing to get overexcited about – it's the gimmicks that will earn it the (minor) headlines. Not only will it smell of Karate perfume, pollen, salt, or your dog's garden deposits, but it's got a patterned lid and a carbon fibre wrist rest.

The wacky designs made an appearance in Las Vegas (now it's starting to make sense) this week as part of Project 200 in Microsoft's Spotlight on PC Fashion. Aside from the four scents, it comes in either pink, blue, green or black too.

The Science bit

The ASUS F6V is the rather prosaic name for a hunk of metal trying to be anything but. It has a 13.3in screen, Core 2 Duo processor, 320GB of storage, ATI HD 3470 graphics card, fingerprint authentication, HDMI port, and 1.2MP webcam.

It's available on pre-order from Amazon for $1,300. You want more? We'd advise you to check out the website. I mean – look at the headline – did you really think this was a review?