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Uber-powerful laptop batteries on the way

Laptops may soon get the power boost they need
Laptops may soon get the power boost they need

A South Korean university has come up with the magic formula to make the humble laptop battery last longer.

Forever a bane for consumers, while gadgets and gizmos have infinitely improved in their quality, battery life has not – meaning your average laptop only houses around two hours of juice.

Well, the new uber-batteries are still made from lithium, but the Department of Applied Chemistry at Hanyang University has improved the cathode materials, making battery life last a reported eight times longer.

Silicon implant

Essentially, the clever folks at the uni, led by Professor Cho Jae-phil, have replaced the graphite in a normal battery with silicon, a substance which can hold an eight-fold increase in power.

There's no word when the batteries will be put into production, but the breakthrough is an important one.

TechRadar did report in January that researchers at Stanford University have developed a way of using silicon nanowires to boost battery life in Lithium-Ion batteries by up to 40 hours, so it will be interesting to see which company gets their product to market first.