Father’s Day gift ideas for 2023: great presents for dad this year

A variety of men's accessories laying neatly on a wooden table.
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Father’s Day is less than a week away, falling on Sunday, September 3 this year in case you forgot. That means there’s not much time left to buy your dad or the father figure in your life a present, but don’t stress, we’ve got plenty of ideas for the perfect Father’s Day gift. If you’ve been racking your brain for a while now and have still come up short, we’re here to help with thought-out gifts he’ll actually use.

Our Father’s Day gift ideas also cater to a variety of budgets, from affordable options to some more expensive items if you really want to spoil dad this year. All our gift ideas are available online, so you don’t have to head to the shops to buy them. Just be sure to order your gift early enough so it arrives on time for Father’s Day on September 3.

Father’s Day gift ideas

Tile Slim Bluetooth tracker

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A Tile Slim poking out of a brown men's wallet.

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Your wallet and your passport are two valuable items you do not want to lose, so if your dad can be a bit forgetful at the best of times, a Bluetooth tracker such as the Tile Slim is worth every penny. The Tile Slim is shaped like a credit card so it can easily slide into wallets, luggage tags or passports. More importantly, it’s operating system-agnostic, meaning it can be paired with any Android or Apple iPhone to receive alerts.

If you want something smaller than the Tile Slim, there’s also the Tile Mate, which is designed to be hooked onto something like a key ring, while the Tile Sticker can be attached to all kinds of items including remotes, bicycles, skateboards, pet’s collars and more. Each of Tile’s trackers has a Bluetooth range up to 76 metres and a loud ring to help you find them when things go missing.

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Nanoleaf Essentials smart bulb

A Nanoleaf Essentials smart bulb emitting soft blue light.

(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

Nanoleaf makes stunning smart lights and panels that can attach to your walls and ceilings, but it’s also got the basics covered with its smart light bulbs. These bulbs can create almost any atmosphere you’re after with endless colour options – Nanoleaf says they can emit over 16 million colours and variations of cool and warm whites, to be exact.

The latest version of Nanoleaf’s Essentials smart bulbs are compatible with the Matter connectivity standard, which makes it easier for other Matter-enabled devices to connect with each other and you’ll just need a single Matter-enabled hub to control them all. If your dad is just getting started in the world of smart home tech, a Matter device is a great place to start, with a smart bulb often the easiest to set up.

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Philips OneBlade Pro

Man shaving his face

(Image credit: Philips)

Our colleagues at T3 recommend the Philips OneBlade Pro as one of the best beard trimmers you can buy. Unlike some other beard trimmers, the OneBlade Pro uses a replaceable blade that lasts anywhere between six weeks to three months.

The dual-sided blade moves up to 200 times a second so dad can trim, edge and shave with accuracy, and if you get him the Pro model, a cutting comb is included for longer beards.

T3’s review found it considerably more gentle than other trimmers, so if dad’s prone to razor burn after a fresh save, this is a good pick. That said, the review found it was best for cleaning up stubble and shorter beards, so if your dad’s sporting a grizzly beard, take a look at the Remington B5 instead (also recommended by T3).

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Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2

The Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 mounted inside a windscreen

(Image credit: Future)

We rate the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 among one of the best dash cams you can buy. It has a compact design that all but disappears behind a rear view mirror, so it won’t block your view or distract you while you’re driving. It also shoots in high-quality 1080p with a 140º field of view, and while we’d like it to be a little wider, it’s good at this price.

We’re happy to report its video quality is sharp enough to show details such as registration plates day or night, no matter the weather conditions. It’ll automatically save footage when it detects a collision, but there’s also a button you can press if you want to start recording. We were surprised at just how well its voice control works too, so you can ask it to take photos while you’re driving, or turn the audio recording on and off. It really could be the best gift you get dad this year if he’s on the road a lot.

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Nespresso Vertuo Next

The Nespresso Vertuo Next on a countertop, with a coffee and coffee pod capsules beside it.

(Image credit: Nespresso)

Coffee machines can be a pricey investment, and with many of the best models sitting well above the NZ$500 mark, they’re quite an expensive gift – even for the best dads out there. Pods machines are generally more affordable options, and we’ve got this as the #1 Nespresso in our guide to the best coffee machines.

It’s a great machine for anyone who prefers a long-black style coffee, so consider an alternative if your dad prefers cappuccinos or flat whites. If you want a milk-friendly machine, consider the Breville the Bambino which is currently retailing for NZ$549.95 at Breville.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

(Image credit: Future)

If dad wants a tablet he can stream movies on, play games and just browse the web, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is our recommendation. It’s one of the best tablets you can buy, with a gorgeous 10.5-inch display offering vibrant colours. The built-in speakers offer one option for easy listening, but there’s also a 3.5mm audio jack and Bluetooth connectivity if dad wants to wear headphones while streaming from the tablet.

We’ve found the Tab A8 handles multitasking well, so it could be a good choice if dad wants a tablet for work where he can search the internet and take notes at the same time. Storage starts at 64GB, but there’s a microSD card slot for expandable storage up to 1TB. While it’s not the most powerful Android tablet, for its price, it does a lot and does it well.

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Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam

Young man playing game on a computer

(Image credit: Logitech)

Working from home can mean lots of virtual meetings, and if dad’s computer’s webcam isn’t up to scratch, he can be left looking like a pixelated mess. One of the best recommendations we can make is the Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam, which replaces the much-loved Logitech C920.

This webcam is top-class, and is particularly good for live streaming or recording. It allows streaming in 1080p resolution at 30fps or 720p at 60fps, allowing video to be smoother and more realistic. Even if your dad isn’t live streaming on Twitch as a side gig 🤟  – this webcam will make sure dad looks his best.

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Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Google Nest Hub 2

(Image credit: Google)

The Google Nest Hub is a smart display that’s been thoughtfully designed to earn a spot on a bedside table. With privacy issues in mind, there’s no camera on the second-gen Nest Hub, and you’re able to switch the mic off anytime. With that in mind though, you’ll want to look elsewhere if you want a smart display that can make video calls.

This device can also track your sleep, and it has neat features that’ll help you wind down at night and gently wake you up in the morning. Outside of these sleep-focused features, it also just makes for an excellent smart home hub to control connected devices, one that you can use to listen to music and watch videos from its 7-inch screen.

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Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV

(Image credit: Google)

If your dad doesn’t have a smart TV, consider getting him a Chromecast with Google TV. While older Chromecasts required you to 'cast' content using your phone, this newer model lets you take more control with a dedicated remote and on-screen interface.

It gives you access to all the best streaming apps right from your TV, including Netflix, Disney Plus and Prime Video, plus the usual free-to-air TV streaming apps. All told, the latest Chromecast is much more user-friendly than previous versions and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like getting your dad a new telly would.

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GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini

Go Pro Hero 11 Black Mini

(Image credit: GoPro)

GoPro makes some of the best action cameras in the business, and the GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini is a smaller and simpler option than the brand’s flagship cameras. It’s made to be mounted and works best at capturing point-of-view footage like cycling, surfing, skiing, snowboarding or dirt bike riding. But dad doesn’t have to be an adrenaline seeker to use this action cam, it’s also good for someone who simply wants a smaller GoPro.

This model is quite similar to the GoPro Hero 11 Black, except it doesn’t have displays on the front and back and it lacks a dedicated photo mode. While it misses out on some of those features, it still can shoot 5.3K video up to 60fps and 4K video up to 120fps.

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Theragun Mini

Man using Therabody Theragun Mini

(Image credit: Therabody)

You don’t have to be an avid gym-goer to suffer from aches and pains – just sitting at a desk for long periods of time can get our muscles tightening up. Age can also be a factor. The Theragun Mini is an easy way to provide some relief wherever you are, with its small and light design making it ideal for a backpack or a gym bag. It offers three speeds and three attachments, plus the companion app will give you tips on exactly how to use it. Let dad relax with a massage gun this Father’s Day.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Person holding Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a cheap and cheerful tablet, and while it won’t blow you away with its performance, the more premium options will cost you hundreds more dollars. This Android tablet is compact and light with an 8.7-inch display, and the screen is nice and bright. At this price point though, darker images and movies may lack some detail, so keep this in mind if you think it’ll be used for lots of streaming.

But if you just want a highly portable tablet for everyday use, with some light entertainment thrown in, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite fits the bill, and it won’t break the bank. TechRadar hasn’t reviewed this device yet, but our colleagues at Tom’s Guide have spent some time with it.