You won't see all of The Last of Us 2 in one playthrough

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It's not long until we finally get our hands on The Last of Us 2 and, as we rocket towards the sequel's June 19 release date, Naughty Dog is intent on fueling the hype – and reassuring fans that spoilers have nothing on playing the game for yourself.

In a recent episode of PlayStation's The Last of Us 2 video series (via IGN), titled 'Inside the Gameplay', the Naughty Dog team discussed how players will miss entirely scripted sequences due to the size of the game - and it may take more than one playthrough to truly pick up every element of the story.

"In this game we've gone so far in making the level design open that there are actually entire story moments, entire combat encounters, full scripted sequences that you may completely miss," The Last of Us part 2 co-director Anthony Newman said. 

"And there are things that we feel like, even though a portion of our player base may never see these things, the fact that when you do encounter them, you feel like you discovered them, it lends them this charm and this magic I think is unique to games that this happened to me, because of what I did and the place I explored to," he continued.

Plenty to do

From what we've heard so far, it sounds like there will be plenty to see and do in The Last of Us 2, with a plethora of side missions and areas to explore. While we're not quite sure how long the game will be, we're predicting a 30-hour run time, with the game taking up 100GB of PS4 storage and two Blu-ray discs in physical form. 

In addition to discussing these scripted story sequences, Naughty Dog also shed some light on The Last of Us' weapon upgrade system, which will put more emphasis on player choice. Players will not have the ability to gather all the resources needed to upgrade their character and weapons fully in one playthrough, meaning you'll have to be a bit more selective in what you choose to upgrade. 

"The choices that you make, you're going to have to live with," Newman explains in the video. "And we wanted to make sure that all the choices that you made had a really noticeable and tangible impact on the way that you play."

It looks like we'll have to play through The Last of Us more than once to get the full experience and it seems like not even spoilers can cover all the tidbits it seems Naughty Dog has hidden in there.

We can't wait to get our hands on The Last of Us 2 when it releases exclusively for PS4 on June 19.

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