Xbox Series X update quadruples the framerate of older games – here’s how it looks

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Starting today, February 17, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners can now enjoy a selection of backwards compatible games at up to four times the framerate. 

That means games which were previously locked to 30 frames per second can now hit that silky-smooth 60fps target thanks to Microsoft’s new FPS Boost feature – some can even hit 120fps. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, just know that higher, steadier framerates make games visually smoother and more responsive. The end result is a more immersive gameplay experience. 

The initial catalog of titles that support the FPS Boost feature is rather small, but you can now play Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs 2, UFC 4, Sniper Elite 4 and New Super Lucky’s Tale at far higher frame rates.

It might seem like an odd selection, but Xbox’s senior program manager Paul explained why these games were chosen.

“We chose this initial collection of titles not only because they are popular among fans, but to highlight several different ways that FPS Boost can improve your experience,” Eng explained in a post on Xbox Wire.

“For example, New Super Lucky’s Tale can now run up to 120 frames per second (fps) and UFC 4 delivers improved framerate performance specifically on Xbox Series S and can now run at 60fps.”

You can see just how well the FPS Boost feature works in this technical breakdown video from Digital Foundry. 

Boost mode

FPS Boost mode is already here, but more granular control is coming soon. Microsoft said it will roll out an update that will let users toggle FPS Boost on and off in future titles. You’ll need to head to “Manage Game” where you’ll find a new “Compatibility Options” button that lets you turn this feature, as well as Auto HDR, on or off. An indicator will appear when you press the Xbox button that shows whether or not a game is using FPS Boost.

Microsoft is set to announce more games in the future that will take advantage of the FPS Boost feature, but for fans of older titles and backwards compatibility, this is a great quality of life addition for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners to enjoy. 

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