Xbox Series X reveals will take 'a different approach' to previous consoles

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Microsoft is aiming to shake things up when it comes to revealing more about the upcoming Xbox Series X, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

In an interview with Gamertag Radio (via VGC), Spencer explained how the next-gen console's initial reveal at The Game Awards was something he was unsure of, but that it was the start of Microsoft's "different" approach to releasing more information on the Series X.

According to Spencer, in the lead up to Xbox Series X's release, Microsoft will continue to approach reveals "in a different way” to its previous consoles. 

Shaking things up

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Spencer explained that the decision to unveil the Series X at The Game Awards came from a marketing lead who, correctly, pointed out that the company needs to "try new things" with the next-generation console. 

“It was cool to do it and I think the response has been great,” Spencer said. “But to be completely honest with you, I could be sitting with you today and it could’ve been a disaster. You have to make those decisions and you make them without all the knowledge of how it’s going to play out.”

Spencer hinted that we'll be seeing more "bold" moves from Microsoft when it comes to Xbox Series X reveals, in the lead up to the console's release.

“I’m really happy with the way [Game Awards] played out and the response from the fans, but every decision we make between now and launch… we’re trying to think about things in a different way,” Spencer said.

PS5 looming

Xbox Series X

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With the next-generation console war looming, it's no surprise that Microsoft is considering a different approach to its marketing - especially given that the PS4 beat out the Xbox One (in terms of units sold) this generation. 

However, Sony still seems to have a few tricks up its sleeve as the company is keeping tight-lipped about its plans for the PS5. That element of surprise has kept fans on their toes, with PlayStation 5 hype at fever-pitch now that the company has confirmed it won't be at E3 2020. When will Sony reveal it? What will it look like? 

We're hoping Microsoft continues to be "bold" and "different" with its reveals leading up to release. It's going to need to.

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