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Xbox Series X processor spotted in Twitter profile photo

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Phil Spencer/@XboxP3)

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer changed his Twitter profile photo to what appears to be a picture of the next-gen Xbox Series X's processor. It says 'Project Scarlett' on there, and it's marked with '8K'. For reference, the processor in the console's predecessor, the Xbox One X, was marked with '4K', which was that console's target resolution.

This follows last month's full reveal of the Xbox Series X. It's not hugely significant in the sense that we still don't know what the Xbox Series X's specs are, but Microsoft has already said that the Xbox Series X has 8K capability, and that the console boasts four times the processing power of the Xbox One X. 

Microsoft has been pretty open in rolling out details on its new hardware. In early December, for example, Spencer tweeted about already having the Xbox Series X at his house as his primary console. And then in mid-December, the console's name and design was revealed around a year before its launch, with a splashy marketing video, the tagline 'Power Your Dreams', and the reveal of a major exclusive in Hellblade 2

Xbox has confidence

Xbox is showing confidence in its hardware with nearly a year to go until release, and it leaves plenty of room for its E3 conference this year to focus on the console's actual specs, not to mention the other games it has in the works.

Sony's approach towards the PS5 has been a little different so far. It had two major reveals with Wired in 2019, for example, which dug into the console's capabilities and revealed that it uses an SSD. 

When the time comes for the big reveal, though, you can be sure it'll be beating that drum as hard as Microsoft.

Thanks, Tom Warren of The Verge.

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