Xbox Watch could be in the works at Microsoft

Xbox Watch could be in the works at Microsoft
Unlikely to look anything like this

The watch that is supposedly being created by Microsoft is being developed by the Xbox team, according to new information.

Earlier this week we heard tell of Microsoft's smart watch which we duly added to the 'Tech Companies Supposedly Working On Smart Watches' folder. The Verge now cites a 'reliable' source who says that Microsoft has been on the smart watch case for over a year.

Apparently Redmond was originally planning a heart-rate monitor for use alongside the Xbox, but now has a full-blown smart watch in the works.


It's still in the prototype stage, however, with a few designs doing the rounds. One features removable (and presumably interchangeable) straps, while another uses the same magnetic power-connector that you'll find on a Surface tablet.

The smart watch movement was kicked off by Pebble, a project that went stratospheric on Kickstarter and prompted rumours of every tech company under the sun scrabbling to get in on the wrist-worn tech action.

Samsung has come out and said that it is working on a watch while Microsoft, Google and LG are all said to be tinkering with a timepiece too.

By far the most elusive of the four is the mythical Apple Watch, however, for which not a shred of legitimate evidence actually exists - the rumour mill doesn't let a silly thing like that stop it though, so the speculation has flown thick and fast.

If Microsoft's Xbox team are on the case, we could potentially see an Xbox Watch launch alongside the next Xbox later this year - although we'd say a May reveal, as mooted for the new console, seems unlikely.

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