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Metallica on Guitar Hero? More than likely
Metallica on Guitar Hero? More than likely

It’s Wednesday, it’s mid-week and the weekend is looking more and more enticing by the second – especially now Mr Sunshine is starting to peek through.

But, before you start dreaming about your end of week pursuits, TechRadar is here to update you on what’s been happening tech-wise while you’ve been asleep.

First up, it seems you can be even lazier as a student in the City now as one of London’s biggest universities UCL (University College London) has started making their lectures available as a podcast.

No longer do you have to turn up bleary eyed after a night on the sauce to listen to someone warble on about Nietzsche, as the lectures will be available on Apple’s iTunes U. The U standing for university, not text-speak for U lazy git!

Yahoo’s shareholder meeting announced

The date has been set for Yahoo’s annual shareholder meeting. The showdown is set to take place 1 August and there’s likely to be a few hotheads in the room.

Yahoo’s shares have been through a rollercoaster recently with the more-off-than-on partnership with Microsoft.

The biggest face-off will presumably be with billionaire investor Carl Icahn and Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang.

Icahn basically wants Yang out of the hotseat due to the failure of the company to link-up with Steve Balmer and co.

Guitar Hero looks to Metallica

After the bands recent berating by fans because of their announcement that they are to release a download-only album – not because it’s download-only of course but because they sued Napster way back for digital downloading – Metallica are looking to win back supporters by having their own Guitar Hero game.

There’s been no official announcement, but their website offers the following tidbit: "Let's just say that perhaps, just maybe, if you've already mastered "One" on (Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock), there might be a pile of 'Tallica songs in your future. More details later this summer..." Rock and/or roll.

And on the subject of rock…

Rare performances by Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and the vowel-hating Lynyrd Skynyrd have found their way online courtesy of website wolfgangsvault.com.

The performances were added after a deal between Universal Music Group (UMG) and Wolfgang's Vault big-wig Bill Sagan.

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