TechRadar registration, log-in and commenting now re-enabled

TechRadar site announcement
Here's how you can have your say on TechRadar

We are pleased to announce that we have completed our work to re-engineer the way we store user data and so you are now able to log in and comment on TechRadar again.

As a security precaution, you will be prompted to reset your password when you first log back in – this will only take a few moments, and then you'll be able to add comments to stories just as you did before.

Whilst carrying out the work, we took the difficult decision not to re-open the forums but to instead encourage discussion within the site comments and via our social networks.

So as well as commenting on individual stories, here are some other ways you can talk to us.


Our main TechRadar Twitter account is @techradar. For the latest on mobile phones, there's @TR_Phones, for camera fans there's @TR_Cameras, and for tablet goodness you'll want @TR_Tablets.


On Facebook, we have our TechRadar Facebook page and our dedicated TechRadar Cameras Facebook page.

Google+ and more

We're also on Google+ if you'd like to add us to your circles, we post pics of the coolest new kit on the TechRadar Pinterest boards, and our videos can be found on the TechRadar YouTube page.

And of course, you can email TechRadar writers directly. Contact details are on the Contact us page.

We're very grateful for your patience while this important site work was being carried out and we look forward to seeing you back in the comments.

Global Editor-in-Chief

After watching War Games and Tron more times that is healthy, Paul (Twitter, Google+) took his first steps online via a BBC Micro and acoustic coupler back in 1985, and has been finding excuses to spend the day online ever since. This includes roles editing .net magazine, launching the Official Windows Magazine, and now as Global EiC of TechRadar.