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Nokia Lumia 925
Are you interested in going Windows Phone?

Debating the merits of Nokia's decision to go Windows Phone-exclusive is liable to spark an outbreak of vicious bickering in these parts.

But you can't deny that Nokia's Lumia handsets are slowly getting better and better. Whether or not you like the brightly coloured designs, Windows Phone 8 has become a fantastic OS and so we were happy this week to have our first taste of the new flagship Nokia Lumia 925.

That wasn't all either – we've played with some fun toys in the last seven days so have a browse and make sure you haven't missed anything exciting…

Hands on: Nokia Lumia 925 review

The Nokia Lumia 925 is a tricky beast to rate. Nokia tells us that this is a phone designed for the more technologically minded, the person that wants the latest and greatest handset from the brand. However it seems that person would be disappointed by the Lumia 925, with its average specs and minimal upgrade from the 920 - at least when it comes to the internals. But there's no doubting that it's going to be a market-leading cameraphone, and with things like the dedicated camera button (sounds obvious, but makes a huge difference) the 925 is definitely going to be a front runner for anyone that wants one of the most powerful portable cameras around.

Samsung PS64F8500 review

Samsung PS64F8500 review

First impressions of the Samsung PS64F8500 in action are little short of dazzling. Literally. The huge screen defies not only every plasma TV we've seen before but even our expectations of what plasma is capable of by serving up extreme levels of brightness that actually manage to rival those that have proved so useful in making LCD the most popular TV option. Even more amazingly, these unprecedented plasma brightness levels remain seemingly completely intact if you turn all the lights in your room up to max, because Samsung's new on-screen filter design stops plasma cells being 'infiltrated' by ambient light.

Hands on: BlackBerry Q5 review

Hands on: BlackBerry Q5 review

The BlackBerry Q5 is one for the aficionados who can't afford, or refuse to splash cash on the highly priced Q10, with the solid BlackBerry typing experience at the heart of everything it does. Without knowing the price it's difficult to say how it will stand up against other handsets, but anyone who isn't a BlackBerry fan and is in the market for a reasonably priced smartphone probably won't be taken with the Q5. That said if BlackBerry manage to price the Q5 low enough it would make it a seriously attractive proposition with its decent power under the hood, HD display and rapid internet browser. We're just going to have to wait and see.

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