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OfficePOD: next generation shed working

The new Brit-designed OfficePOD - next gen shed working!
The new Brit-designed OfficePOD - next gen shed working!
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If you regularly work from home then you will understand the importance of having a quiet, organised work space or study of your own, which is why the newly launched UK-designed OfficePOD caught our eyes this week.

The OfficePOD turned heads at the recent Grand Designs show in London earlier this month. It is a fully-features small home office space that fits snugly into that old space in the garden that used to be home to the fifty year old rotting wooden shed.

The OfficePOD measures a mere 2.1 x 2.1 metres, which is just enough space for your desk, chair and a little bit of storage. It also features lovely big windows to make sure you have plenty of light.

Security is, of course, always an issue when you are working from the shed – and in TechRadar's case, we would urge you to lock away all of your important laptops and expensive gadgets in the house (particularly if you live in the city) – as you can never be too careful!

Is that a Tardis?

So if you want a nice new office, have a bit of space in the garden and don't fancy mucking about applying to the local council for planning permission, the OfficePOD looks like the perfect solution.

TechRadar has contacted the manufacturers for more details on costings and availability and we'll update this story accordingly as soon as we get those details.

For now, if you want to know more check out the OfficePOD website and for all you need to know about working in sheds, check out the wonderful blog over at shedworking – 'a lifestyle guide for shed workers'!