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Gary Marshall
Gary Marshall - his keyboard speaks the truth

In case you've missed one, here's a collectionof previous posts by our columnist Gary Marshall.

As a regular writer for TechRadar his pieces have covered subjects as diverse as online privacy to how it's impossible to make money from blogging.

Gary wrote his first bit of tech journalism - about online diaries - for .net magazine back in 1998, and he's been scribbling for technology publications ever since. Gary lives near Glasgow and blogs at

Here are his latest columns that have appeared on TechRadar:

The hidden cost of Google's free calls
Say bye-bye bills and hello to bandwidth caps
26 August 2010

Happy birthday, Windows 95 - the OS that changed it all
Fifteen years on, was it ace or arse?
24 August 2010

Antennagate: maybe Steve should blog
Did Apple's aloofness fan the iPhone scandal flames?
17 July 2010

Need more iPhone 4 signal? There's no app for that
Even Apple can't fix hardware with software
15 July 2010

How a Windows slate can take on the iPad
If your tablet needs a stylus, you've failed
13 July 2010

Apple's App Store turns two years old
Apple's shop has made software exciting again
9 July 2010

Can Nokia get its mojo back?
HTC, Apple and RIM are giving Nokia a kicking
6 July 2010

How Google can take on Facebook and win
If Google Me is real, here's what it needs to succeed
29 June 2010

Don't upgrade your iPhone 3G to iOS 4
Our iPhone can't hack it. Can yours?
25 June 2010

How an Apple sales tax would fix the economy
Britain's broke and Apple fans are affluent. Let's tax 'em!
24 June 2010

Why you shouldn't buy your iPhone 4 yet
Keep your cash until you've seen all the deals
23 June 2010

iPhone 4: genuinely good for games
Steve Jobs doesn't get games, but he's going to get a lot of gamers' money
8 June 2010

Apple beats Microsoft? Not so fast, fanboys
Forget about the numbers. It's the journey that matters
27 May 2010

Why you shouldn't trust Facebook's apology
Everyone knows that privacy isn't profitable
25 May 2010

6 things Apple should steal from Android 2.2
It's actually seven if you include Flash. Ho ho!
21 May 2010

Is this the end of Spotify Free?
Send and use your invites now - its days are numbered
18 May 2010

Has Windows Phone 7 been beaten before it's even launched?
Android and iPhone moving the goalposts again
4 May 2010

UK election: the internet gets our vote
Two and a half cheers for digital democracy
6 May 2010

Why Facebook should buy Foursquare
Yahoo's gain could be Facebook's loss
29 April 2010

Does Jobs really believe his Adobe attack?
Some of the most unbelievable guff we've seen in ages
29 April 2010

McAfee's epic fail: it's a matter of trust
Security software can't make these kinds of mistakes
22 April 2010

Now Apple is behaving like mid-90s Microsoft
iPhone OS 4.0 is all about hurting Adobe and Google
9 April 2010

The Digital Economy Bill proves digital democracy doesn't work
Now we've seen how UK politics really works
8 April 2010

Just because the iPad's simple, doesn't mean it's for idiots
'Experts' out of touch
7 April 2010

Why today's Digital Economy Bill debate is a matter of life and death
This bill is murder
6 April 2010

Happy sixth birthday, Google Mail!
You mean Gmail wasn't an April Fool?
1 April 2010

Happy 10th birthday, broadband!
Remember how crappy 56k modem life was?
30 March 2010

The Times: paywalls, porn and iPads
Paying for news is doomed. Isn't it?
26 March 2010

Paying for girls on Xbox Live is a loser's game
Buying girls' attention? Isn't there a word for that?
23 March 2010

Why IE9 is the Bono of browsers
Microsoft's singing a brand new song
17 March 2010

Why we should kill the Digital Economy Bill
Opinion You've got two weeks to wake up your MP
16 March 2010

Location-aware websites scare us silly
You can run, but you can't hide
11 March 2010

Apple vs HTC: this is great news for Microsoft
Apple's gunning for Google, and Redmond could benefit
03 March 2010

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