Gary Marshall talks technology

Why the browser ballot screen will help Chrome
Is this what the EU really intended to happen?
02 March 2010

Happy 20th birthday, Adobe Photoshop
This isn't just software. It's a cultural phenomenon
26 February 2010

Stop insulting the elderly with crappy technology
PCs for pensioners could be brilliant - but they aren't
23 February 2010

Windows Phone 7 Series: now Microsoft has got mobile right
Simplicity sells
16 February 2010

Google Buzz merges private and work lives: this spells trouble
Buzz off?
11 February 2009

Why every tech firm needs a tyrant at the top
Is this why Microsoft didn't get the tablet right?
10 February 2009

Facebook: it's the budget airline of tech
Never mind the quality, feel the numbers
4 February 2009

Welcome to the web: where abusive comments come free of charge
Global conversation? Global shouting match, more like
3 February 2009

10 ways the Apple iPad changes the game
Laptop alternative? It's much more interesting than that
28 January 2010

Could the Apple iPad cripple you?
Gadget love hurts. This could hurt more than most
21 January 2010

10 ways to make iPhone OS 4.0 damn near perfect
It's a good phone. Let's make it better
20 January 2010

10 things you should be sued for doing online
Forget killer Wi-Fi. These are the real digital crimes
14 January 2009

Google vs China: it was only a matter of time
Did anyone really expect this to end well?
13 January 2009

Why car firms shouldn't design computers
Would you let Acer design an Aston Martin?
15 December 2009

Why Facebook and Google hate privacy
The more you share, the more data can be mined
10 December 2009

10 ways Google Goggles will change the world
Typing things into boxes is so 20th Century
08 December 2009

Bring on the wall! Paying for news isn't new
Quality content has always had a hidden cost
3 December 2009

Why it's the end for public Wi-Fi
Is there any tech the Government can't wreck?
1 December 2009

Will Tesco kill the iPhone's cool?
Yes, but that's a good thing - here's why
25 November 2009

Happy 24th birthday, Windows!
The platform that changed millions of lives
20 November 2009

Will Google really outfox Firefox?
Chrome's ready for its next big push. Will it work?
17 November 2009

Unemployment? There's an app for that
Phones are going to put a lot of firms out of business
12 November 2009

Why everybody should be grateful for five years of Firefox
Happy birthday to the fox that reinvented browsers
09 November 2009

Why Android 2.0 is going to be a very big deal
Here come phones that finally live up to the Android hype
03 November 2009

Is there anything on the planet Google doesn't want for dinner?
If you're in any of these industries - polish your CV
29 October 2009

7 reasons Mandelson's three strikes plan sucks
Proposed net disconnection is a rubbish idea
28 October 2009

Why isn't Digital Britain disability-friendly?
Broadcasters and the web still have a long way to go
23 October 2009

Can you trust experts' opinions on Windows 7?
They say it's great - but they said the same about Vista
20 October 2009

Why Apple doesn't care about Flash on iPhone
Lack of Flash won't stop the iPhone selling
08 October 2009

Why Flash on your phone is a really bad idea
Is "more ads" at the top of your mobile wish list?
06 October 2009

How Microsoft's free anti-virus will improve your Christmas
You'll feel the benefits even if you don't use it
29 September 2009

Why you can't trust the UK broadband tax
Once a tax becomes law, it's unlikely to be repealed
24 September 2009

Let's kick Lily Allen off the net
This blatant copyright infringement must be punished!
23 September 2009

Watchdog's PS3 expose is barking mad
Yellow light of death? Big load of rubbish more like
18 September 2009

Why Spotify on mobile is doomed to failure
Music simply isn't worth what Spotify has to pay for it
15 September 2009

The Ten Commandments of social networking
Avoid embarrassment and unemployment with these tips
08 September 2009

Young people don't care about their online image
Kids will regret their "digital tattoos", apparently
03 September 2009

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