Nest Secure won't come to the UK until 2019

Nest would like its suite of smart home products to be the center of your connected life, but if you're in the UK, you're going to have to wait a fair bit longer for it to become the centre of your security system too.

Speaking to The Ambient, Lionel Guicherd-Callin, Nest product marketing executive, said that the UK and Europe would not be getting the company's Nest Secure smart home security system until 2019. And that's the earliest possible date, too.

Guicherd-Callin stated that the company wants to provide a "full security story" for Nest Secure, which it can't currently do in the UK thanks to connectivity issues and the lack of a partnership with a security firm on this side of the pond.

In the US, a $19.99 monthly fee will see the security system contact round-the-clock security specialists Moni should an alarm be raised, while there's also a cellular back-up plan for $5 a month should your Wi-Fi fail at a critical point. Nest has not yet been able to secure similar options for a UK roll out.

Cold shoulder

It's a similar story for the Nest Temperature Sensor, which is unlikely to see a UK release at all in its current state, due to core differences between how heating systems work on either side of the Atlantic. 

The Sensor allows for constant monitoring of individual room temperatures throughout the house, tweaking settings so that each corner of a home is at your ideal heat. But with the likes of Hive and Tado offering these features in the UK, the Nest is starting to fall behind its rivals outside of the states.

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Gerald Lynch

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