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It seems that donations to Wikileaks have dried up, forcing the site to take a temporary hiatus

This week's news has been dominated with the fallout from the Apple iPad announcement, but there were also some interesting stories about Chrome OS touch, the apparent demise of Wikileaks and the reaction to Sky's 3D football last Sunday.

In our in-depth articles we anticipated what gaming will be like in 2020 as well as solved the most irritating problems with Apple's OS X Snow Leopard.

And we also uncovered some handy tips for Google Chrome beginners.

It's also been an interesting week for reviews, headed up by this week's top review, the Humax FOX-HD T2 Freeview HD box.

Top five news stories

WikiLeaks suspends all operations
The site has temporarily shut down, citing funding problems as the reason it's no longer in operation.

Strongest hint yet: Chrome OS to go touch
Google has given the strongest hint yet that there will be touch options for Chrome OS. A Senior Product Manager was clearly at a loss as to how to answer a direct question about touch without giving something away.

3G Apple iPad UK release date unveiled
Apple has announced via its UK website it will be shipping the 3G version of the iPad in April for the UK.

Sky 3D football: the verdict
There were more people than normal seeing double in pubs up and down the UK last Sunday, with some lucky football fans watching the Super Sunday clash between Arsenal and Manchester United in Sky 3D.

O2 and Orange bulk up on iPad-friendly SIM cards
UK networks have started to place bulk orders for micro SIM cards which are compatible with the Apple iPad.

O2 and orange

Top five in-depth articles

20 Snow Leopard annoyances solved
All new operating systems have their little bugbears and Snow Leopard is no different. So here are 20 of the most common issues, together with ways to get around them.

10 features Apple should include in Mac OS X 10.7
Apple's working on Mac OS X 10.7 right now. That may not be interesting in itself. What we'd love to know is what new features it'll bring to the party. So we've listed what we'd like to see.

Top 10 best graphics cards in the world today
The ATI Radeon HD 5970 currently holds the title of fastest graphics card in the world, but it's expensive. So what are the other options?

Gaming in 2020: what the next decade holds
In what ways will computer and videogames change in the next 10 years? It is a question that tech-obsessed gamers often ask each other (often after a few pints on a Friday night), when we consider just how far we have come since the early days of the Spectrum and the C64 in the 1980s.

10 handy tips for Google Chrome beginners
Google's Chrome's lack of bells and whistles shouldn't be misinterpreted as a lack of functionality. There are still plenty of ways that you can tweak Chrome to suit your own surfing habits..

Google chrome

Top five reviews

Humax FOX-HD T2
The T2 is the UK's very first Freeview HD box. With a 1080p output, and the promise of PVR functionality through a future firmware update, it's one to watch.

Philips 40PFL9704 LCD TV
With features galore, standing out in TV market isn't easy. However, Philips has managed it with distinction recently - and the 40PFL9704 tops its previous successes.

Sony Ericsson T715
Sony Ericsson is looking to follow up the heavyweight Aino and W995 with a mid-range marvel: so step forward the slim and pocket-friendly Sony Ericsson T715.

Sharp LC40LE700E LCD TV
Despite the fact that this Sharp comes packing brilliant contrast levels through an excellent LED backlight system, the dazzlingly cheap price will likely surprise you.

B&W Zeppelin Mini
The B&W Zeppelin Mini is a slimmed down version of the frankly enormous original Zeppelin iPod dock. It's a great little product, but it's so expensive you might want to look elsewhere.

Zeppelin mini


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