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Apple iPad dubbed this year's hottest gadget

Apple's iPad - so hot it can't be touched (in the UK yet)
Apple's iPad - so hot it can't be touched (in the UK yet)

T3 has published its list of the most sought-after gadgets of the year in 2010's Hot 100.

The list tellingly includes a larger number of e-readers than ever before, and HTC's new phones, the Desire and Legend are prominent in the top 20.

But the top spot has been obviously nabbed by the Apple iPad, which has sparked frenzied debate over the past year.

Tablet frenzy

Its launch is imminent in both the UK and the US, and its presence has already sparked the nascent tablet computer market into life, with additions from the likes of HP and Notion Ink in the Hot 100 too.

"Ultimately, the products here allow us to predict the next steps in consumer technology," says T3's online editor, Kieran Alger.

"The AppleiPad epitomises this. It's a product that's caused massive media hype, securing endless column inches across the world.

"Beyond that it's a product looking to challenge the status quo, with the potential to alter the way content is both published and consumed.

"It's a gadget that could change an industry at the same time as delivering a brand new experience to the gadget buying public."

Brought about by TechRadar's publisher Future, T3 Magazine's Hot 100 is designed to give a gadget barometer of all the latest and debate-sparking gadgets on the market or set to debut soon.

If you want to take a gander at the full list, head on over to the Hot 100 home page to see if you agree with T3's findings.