Withings Sleep just got even better with sleep apnea tracking

Image Credit: Withings

Looking for a sleep tracker that you don't have to wear around your wrist all night? One of the best options is the Withings Sleep (previously know as the Nokia Sleep) and that pad is set to get even better with a new software update.

Rolling out around the world today (March 12), the Withings Sleep will be able to detect disturbances in your breathing which can be a sign of the condition sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is where the walls of your throat narrow during your rest, which can lead you to waking up multiple times throughout the night. The condition is also associated with snoring, but it can additionally lead to an increased risk of a variety of other conditions such as high blood pressure.

The Withings Sleep (or the Nokia Sleep, if you bought one over six months ago) uses a combination of factors including heart rate, snoring, breathing and the way you move around in bed to work out whether you have the condition.

All of the information recorded will then be available to you within the app. Each disturbance in your sleep is then rated from low to high, and from there it will work out whether you need to seek medical help for the condition of sleep apnea.

This isn't a common feature even on the most high-tech sleep trackers, so it's a great step forward for the Withings Sleep and makes it one of the must-have monitors.

You shouldn't expect this tech to appear on the company's fitness trackers any time soon either, so if you want access to this you'll have to consider getting a Withings Sleep.

The tracker is a pad that slips under your mattress so you can track your daily sleep without having to worry about wearing a tracker. In our review, we praised the Withings Sleep for providing lots of data as well as a full health picture of our nighttime activities.

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