Vector to bring smartwatches to the fashion market for the autumn season (September, specifically)

Vector smartwatch in posh car
For when your hair is just so: Vector

It's not Android Wear. It's not Apple Watch. Obvs. This is a Vector watch.

Officially launched at London's ultra-swank Mondrian hotel after a lengthy gestation period, Vector's range of 12 smart-in-both-senses wearables hold out the tantalising promise of a 30-day battery life, and are compatible with Android, Apple and Windows smartphones.

Other neat features? Yes, sir. There are notifications that remain unseen until brought into view with a flick of your wrist, and are then dismissed with another. There are daily diary appointments displayed around the outside of the faux-analogue watch faces, which vanish as the day goes on. And needless to say, it counts your steps and tracks your sleep. But then what doesn't, these days?

The lengthy battery life is largely down to the low-powered, monochrome screen, similar to that used on the Fitbit Surge, and the absence of bells and whistles such as touchscreens. For those who find short battery life off-putting, this provides an answer. For those who wonder what you have to give up in order to achieve longer battery life, well, Vector answers that too.

Further functionality is promised via an in-app store, with the likes of IFTTT promised.

The other USP is more to do with the look and feel of Vector's wearables. They're all made of stainless steel, with 12 models, across three categories: Performance (sportier, with the option of silicone strappage), Contemporary (leather straps, more fashion-focussed) and Classic ("rose gold and champagne accents… paired with tactile leather and polished bracelet straps" - the posh one, basically).


The watches are available with both round and square faces.

The launch was very much fashion-focussed, with considerably more beautiful people wearing sunglasses indoors than at your standard tech launch. This is definitely a case of a style product with a tech spin, rather than an Apple Watch which, despite what Apple might like to believe, takes the opposite approach.

Vector was originally shown off to bemused tech and watch hacks at Baselworld. It was a dark yet sumptuous affair, in what appeared to be a crypt, and hosted by CEO and former Timex man Joe Santana, who is a little bit reminiscent of a vampire (he's not, just to be clear on that point).

Vector's watches will be on sale from September. Pricing: Performance and Contemporary start from £219/$249/AU$470, whilst Classic models start from £349/$399/AU$750.