Samsung embraces 4K with a new Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

Samsung Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

Samsung has announced a new Ultra HD Blu-ray player at IFA 2015 in preparation for the first wave of movies that will be releasing on the new format.

The player is capable of playing UHD Blu-rays, which will provide four times the resolution of standard Blu-rays. Image quality will further be enhanced thanks to 64 times higher colour expression, and the player will also be able to upscale standard Blu-rays to look amazing on 4K televisions.

Samsung's UHD Blu-ray player will come in a stylish and curved design, so if you have a curved Samsung SUHD TV you should find it fits right in.

Samsung Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

Fox is preparing its films

Samsung also revealed that 20th Century Fox is preparing to release its most recent films, like the excellent Kingsman: The Secret Service, on UHD Blu-ray so that they are ready to buy alongside the launch of Samsung's player.

20th Century Fox's films should look better than ever as it has previously announced that all of its new movies will support HDR (high dynamic range) when they are released for home viewing.

If your UHD Blu-ray collection starts off a little sparse, then you'll still have things to watch on Samsung's Ultra HD Blu-ray Player, as it will support 4K streaming services as well.

Matt Hanson
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