Fox announces all its new movies will be HDR friendly when they hit the home

20th Century Fox
Creating HDR versions of all its new films

Pinning its hopes on the next big generational leap in image quality, 20th Century Fox has announced it will be creating all its movies with high dynamic range (HDR) range support by the time they get into your home.

Combined with making sure all its films will be available in Ultra HD format the announcement of total HDR support is big news for the TV manufacturers.

We reckon HDR content is going to be one of the biggest drivers in getting people switching over to new ultra HD televisions like Samsung's 4K SUHD UE65JS9500.

The eight million pixels of a UHD TV are all well and good, but the extra visual fidelity offered by the HDR capabilities we've seen in the latest televisions makes us think that is going to be the tech with far more impact on our viewing experiences.

But we're still waiting for a final spec for the implementation of HDR, one of the reasons LG has held back on HDR support for its latest OLED TVs. Recent reports however have LG looking to provide a software update for its EG9600/EG960 OLED TVs to deliver HDR support for its flagship TVs.

Fox though is part of the UHD Alliance, a group of manufacturers and content creators looking to avoid hobbling the combined power of UHD and HDR with a format war.

The Blu-ray Disc Association has finalised its spec for the Ultra HD Blu-ray format, which will also come with HDR support, and the UHD Alliance is aiming to finalise its specifications to coincide with 4K Blu-rays rolling out at the end of the year.

Fox isn't just sitting on its laurels, waiting for it all to be finalised though, and is using a non-proprietary HDR spec to create masters of its latest movies, based on where the UHD Alliance is currently heading with its own designs.

The movie studio also isn't just remastering its new films though - it's making 4K HDR versions of already released titles like X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Via Hollywood Reporter