Unheard of discount: Myer’s got 20% off Apple’s latest MacBooks

Update: Myer seems to only have MacBook Air stock left at the moment, but keep an eye on the MacBook Pro pages as they have been known to restock reduced eBay items in the past. 

While it’s not uncommon to see Apple’s MacBook range being sold for 10% off in Australia, sales that knock 20% off the latest 2017 models are basically unheard of — but that’s exactly what Myer’s currently offering on its eBay store, providing deep discounts on Pros and Airs that are only a few months old!

To grab that 20% off, you’ll need to head over to Myer’s eBay store and use the code PICKUP at checkout – and you’ll also need to be able to collect the products in-store. Below are the six models to which the offer applies:

As you can see, that’s not quite the complete lineup of 2017 models, but if one of those models meets your needs, this is by far the cheapest we’ve seen 2017 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models going for.

Harry Domanski
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