Sony updates Bravia home cinema range

Sony today updated its Bravia home cinema range with four new models.

The new additions are all designed to hook up ‘seamlessly’ to Sony’s range of Bravia TV sets using Bravia Sync. The idea is to have both units functioning using a single remote, minimising clutter. Syncing all your Bravia devices also means you’ll only have to switch one unit off for the whole system to do the same.

The new range, including the high-end Sony Bravia DAV-DZ860W, features 1080p upscaling to ensure your DVD collection looks as good as possible when watched back on HDMI-compatible TVs. The higher-end models also feature Sony’s new S-AIR wireless rear speakers.

Hook up your MP3 player

Sony said setting up multi-channel surround sound should be "easier than ever" thanks to its Digital Cinema Auto-Calibration. The featured digital media port lets you hook up all your portable and wireless music devices (including mobile phones, USB memory sticks, Sony Walkman models and other portable music players) to play through your home cinema system, and charge them up at the same time.

If you want to connect an Apple iPod or Apple iPhone, you’ll need an additional adapter.

The new Bravia DAV range includes the following models:


Available in March, the Sony Bravia Theatre DAV-DZ260 offers a total output power of 850W, compact satellite speakers, optical and coaxial digital inputs and HDMI and Scart video outputs. It will play DVDs, DVD+/-R/RW discs, CDs, SACDs, DivX and MP3/JPEG files from disc (as well as Windows Media Audio and AAC2 via USB).


Available in May, the Sony Bravia Theatre DAV-DZ560 uses large stand-mount/ wall-mount speakers for the front left and right channels, plus a matching centre speaker and compact rear speakers. It’s ready to be used with Sony’s S-AIR wireless rear speaker system (WAHT-SA1), which will be available as an optional extra. It has a total output power of 850W, boasts optical and coaxial digital inputs, HDMI and Scart video outputs, and will play the same formats as above.


Sony’s Bravia Theatre DAV-DZ660 uses identical large stand-mount/wall-mount speakers for the four main channels (front left/right and surround left/right), plus a matching centre speaker. It’s also ready to be used with Sony’s S-AIR wireless rear speaker system, which will be available as an optional extra. It offers the same outputs and format support as the previous models, and will be available from May.


Launching in June, the high-end Sony Bravia Theatre DAV-DZ860W shares the same features as its siblings but offers a total output of 1,000W. It comes with Sony S-AIR Wireless rear speakers, 32-bit digital sound processing, and a ‘Sports Mode’ which lets you crank up the volume to the max when tuning in to see sporting events and live concerts.

UK pricing details will be confirmed nearer to the respective launch dates.