Top Boy season 4 finally gets a release date on Netflix

Ashley Walters in Top Boy
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Top Boy season 4 – sorry, season 2 – has finally been given a release date on Netflix.

Per the streamer’s StrongBlackLead Twitter account, the hit drama will return on March 18, 2022. And, like most other Netflix series, we expect new episodes to arrive en masse on that date – meaning you won’t have to wait between watches. 

So, why the confusion between seasons? Well, Top Boy’s first two seasons aired on UK broadcaster Channel 4 in 2011 and 2013, respectively. Netflix then rebooted the show (for a third season) in 2019, albeit without the numerical title. 

That means the streamer is marketing this fourth outing as Top Boy’s second, when in fact it’s simply the second to be commissioned by Netflix. Incidentally, fans can also find the show’s original two seasons on the service under the name Top Boy: Summerhouse. All clear? Good.

Created and written by Ronan Bennett, Top Boy follows the criminal exploits of city gangsters Dushane and Sully (Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson) on the fictional Summerhouse estate in the London borough of Hackney.

Netflix’s rebooted series re-introduced the pair alongside new faces Jamie (Micheal Ward), Shelley (rapper Little Simz) and Jaq (Jasmine Jobson). And, judging by the promotional material released by Netflix so far (see below), it looks like all five will be returning to the fray in Top Boy season 4.

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Spoilers follow for Top Boy season 3 from this point on. You've been warned.

As for what else we know about the show’s upcoming episodes, the jury is out. 

After Modie’s capture and incarceration at the end of season 3, it seems likely that a new antagonist will make themselves known on the Summerhouse estate in season 4, presumably with a plan to disrupt the newfound partnership between Dushane and Jamie (which was heavily implied by the show’s latest finale). 

The aforementioned posters released by Netflix all contain the same tagline, too – “loyalty before everything” – which suggests relationships will be tested, broken and potentially repaired in Top Boy season 4.

Beyond that, though, plot details are few and far between. Still, with that March 18 release date just around the corner, Top Boy fans can rest easy knowing that the wait to find out more won't be a long one. 

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