Tick tock: A new LG smartwatch or four may be on the way soon

The world of smartwatches has been relatively quiet as of late, but LG might be coming back to stir things up with a new wearable ... or more.

The company behind the LG Watch Urbane has completed FCC certification in the US for what could be up to four new smartwatch models. That, or four versions of the same smartwatch.

We'd say the latter is more likely except for the fact a report from late last year revealed LG had applied to trademark four smartwatch names. However you slice it, it seems at least one new wearable is on the way from LG.

The FCC certification documents don't give too much away, but we can glean a few key details:

The circular shape of the demonstration images make us confident LG will stick with the classic round face of its previous wearables, rather than the squared display of competitors, like the Apple Watch

The familiar text and color scheme of the menu also point to LG choosing Android Wear to power the new smartwatch's guts. 

While that's speculation on our part, it wouldn't be a far cry given the LG Watch Urbane and LG Watch Urbane LTE both tapped Android Wear - the latter switching back to the platform after trying out a wearable-friendly spin on webOS . Plus, with Android Wear 2.0 on the way in early February, it only makes sense for LG's latest watch to rock the OS.

The new smartwatch is also expected to host a Snapdragon Wear processor, according to Price Raja.

Give the mounting evidence, it seems LG is ready to wade back into the smartwatch pool. With MWC 2017 right around the corner, we wouldn't be surprised if LG lifted the veil on its new creation - or creation - then. 

Via GSM Arena

Parker Wilhelm
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