This World of Warcraft player hit Battle for Azeroth’s level cap in under five hours

The latest expansion for World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth, only launched yesterday and already a player has reached the game’s new level cap – and it took them less than five hours.

According to Blizzard fansite Icy Veins, Gingi, a member of prestigious World of Warcraft guild Method, climbed 10 levels in just four hours and 17 minutes with his Troll Balance Druid Luigingi. Previously the level cap – the overall maximum strength of a character – was 110. However, the Battle for Azeroth expansion raised this to 120.

Here’s the moment Gingi hit level 120:

How did he do it?

To the average person, 10 levels may not seem like much. But, typically, climbing just one level at this position can take nearly two hours of intense playing (or grinding). 

Gingi didn’t tackle the task alone – he was accompanied by fellow Method members Deepshade and Meeres, who both reached level 120 shortly afterwards. The trio had extensively played the Battle for Azeroth beta, working out a plan of how long reaching the level cap would take when the expansion went live and what the fastest route would be – which was speedy questing. 

You can watch Gingi’s full stream on Twitch, which shows exactly how he did it.

Vic Hood
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