This powerful 256GB Dell XPS 13 has just hit $799

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Dell XPS 13 deals rarely drop below $800. These are premium machines, carrying Dell's flagship name and offering a luxury experience paired with powerful specs under the hood. That means we get excited when a model sporting a 10th generation i7 processor and 256GB of SSD storage drops to $799.99 (was $1,108.99)

You'll find this configuration with a $309 discount available at Dell's own direct store. However, once you're there, you'll also notice that the 512GB model is on sale as well - down to just $899.99 (was $1,208.99). If you have any doubts about that 256GB SSD not being large enough, doubling up to 512GB for just $100 more is an excellent option. 

You'll find both of these Dell XPS 13 deals outlined just below, as well as more touchscreen options also on sale this week. 

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Today's best Dell XPS 13 deals


Dell XPS 13 13.3-inch laptop (i7, 256GB): $1,108.99 $799.99 at Dell
You're saving $309 on this powerful Dell XPS 13 this week, bringing the considerable spec down to just $799.99. There's a 10th generation i7 processor under the hood here, with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. Six months ago we were celebrating an i3 processor with 4GB RAM sitting at this price, so things have really stepped up a peg in 2021.


Dell XPS 13 13.3-inch laptop (i7, 512GB): $1,208.99 $899.99 at Dell
For just $100 more than the 256GB model above, however, you can also upgrade to 512GB of storage. Considering you're doubling your space here this is an excellent proposition, especially with the same 10th gen i7 processor and 8GB RAM up for grabs.

Dell XPS 13 13.3-inch touchscreen laptop (i7, 256GB): $1,308.99 $949.99 at Dell

Dell XPS 13 13.3-inch touchscreen laptop (i7, 256GB): $1,308.99 $949.99 at Dell
Not only are you grabbing a touchscreen display on this Dell XPS 13 deal, but you're also boosting your RAM to 16GB. That means you'll be flipping between power-hungry programs with ease, and with a $359 saving to make it all feel even better as well. 

Upgrade to a UHD touchscreen display for $1,508.99 $1,099.99 at Dell.

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