This power bank will recharge your new iPhone eight times over, and it's 50% off

Poweradd power bank
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Apple's iPhone range is certainly popular, but its fleet of handsets have never exactly been blessed when it comes to battery life. 

So if you're considering picking up the new iPhone 12 - which launches this week at the Apple Event - or you just want to keep your iPhone topped up when you're out an about, we may have found an early Prime Day deal that's just right for you.

That's because you can knock 50% off the price of Poweradd's sizable 26,800mAh portable charger, taking your outlay down from £29.99 to just £14.99. Not in the UK? Scroll down for the best deals in your region.

You'll struggle to find a bigger capacity at this price point, which shows just how good a deal this is - just remember to use code 'VOLECI6V' at checkout to get the discount.

Poweradd 26800mAh power bank:£29.99£14.99 at AmazonVOLECI6V

Poweradd 26800mAh power bank: £29.99 £14.99 at Amazon
To take advantage of this great power bank deal use code 'VOLECI6V' at checkout to save yourself £15. Whatever your smartphone, this portable charger will provide you with multiple full charges - and at this price you'll struggle to find anything bigger.

How many recharges?

iPhone 11
3,110mAh battery size
x8 = 24,880mAh

iPhone 11 Pro
x8 = 24,368mAh

iPhone 11 Pro Max
x7 = 27,783mAh

iPhone SE
x 14 = 25,494mAh

iPhone XR
x9 = 26,478mAh

With a 26,800mAh capacity, this cheap power bank has some serious recharge power, and with three USB output ports, you'll be able to charge up to three devices simultaneously.

iPhone users in particular will be impressed with the charging prowess of this power bank, as it has the ability to fully recharge the iPhone 11 eight times over before needing a top-up itself. 

If you treated yourself to the new iPhone SE earlier this year, this power bank will replenish the handset 14 times, while those who grabbed themselves an iPhone XR bargain in 2020 should get nine full top-ups from the charger.

This bodes well for the iPhone 12 too, set to be announced on October 13, so if you're planning on picking up Apple's latest handset, why not get yourself prepared with this great power bank deal?

Don't have an iPhone? No worries! This power bank will work with all smartphones, so whatever handset you have, you'll be able to top it up while you're on the move - it even comes with a 3-in-1 cable, which means you won't have to dig our your own cable to plug into your device.

Poweradd power banks come recommended as well, with a number of the firm's devices appearing in our best portable chargers round-up, so you can be assured you're getting a quality product.

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